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Re: The Pink Book Now Shows Cost of EU Membership 

at £48 MILLIONS a Day x 365!  

Originally Posted on a Forum:

You have missed my point Greg.

I am thoroughly anti-EU as it appears so are others, but you need to provide substantial facts not rhetoric to convince the British public!

we are up to our huxters in FACTS that prove The EU is a total failure.

To misquote JFK:

'Ask not what I do for my Country ask what YOU do for it'!

Sorry - maybe unfair BUT:Try CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE for starters and then join in and help.

I have churned our 1,000s of facts, web sites, blogs and posting and any of them are available as weapons in this war - pick them up and defend your own damn Country - I've been doing it on average about 14 hours a day seven days a week for many years.

If you need help call me and I'll try and help.

What have YOU done with the FACTS I have provided in this thread for starters - Have YOU read The Pink Book - have YOU fisked the figures to come up with the details I have provided.

POSTING ONE - This Thread on the Forum:

The details of the costs are now published with direct sourcing at CLICK HERE

How many copies have you made and handed out in the street?

How many have you printed and put through letter boxes?

How many 'e'Mails containing the details I provided have you presented and posted on blogs, Forums and members of your address book?

Have you sent it to your local MP, your MEPs, all YOUR Councillors.

When YOU have done that I'll have done the same 10 fold and will also have found you more FACTS.


Read the two sites above and when you are reassured they are sound and provide the FACTS add them to YOUR address bar on every Forum you are a member of - Then start a blog or blogs of your own and steal any of the weapons I provide they are handed out freely because if we can not achieve this peacefully we will find the war VERY ugly for we have no choice but to leave - when and how is what we must try to control.

First we try the soap box
& if that doesn't work
Next we use the ballot box
If THEY refuse us self determination
We will be force to use the ammo box
The tragedy if it can not be achieved peacefully
some may need to use the ultimate box

Man has always been willing to die for freedom!
HELP ME do all we can to avoid the ammo box and the coffin for our enemies - I believe in democracy, we must do all we can to avoid the alternate inevitability of the wars of disassociation.

The refusal of our self styled political elite to act in our best interests and consider only theirs WILL lead to revolution - an abhorrent concept but the product of self serving politicians.

Read Vernon Coleman: 'Bloodless Revolution' - it will help people to understand and is a rapid and easy read - well thought out!

How many people can YOU muster - a section? A platoon? A Company? A Regiment? A Battalion?

I will give ALL the help I can but YOU must be prepared to give your time, your effort and your commitment as a Patriot for YOUR Country.

Good Luck.



Read more: http://www.politic.co.uk/european-union/17802-pink-book-now-shows-cost-eu-membership.html#post116219#ixzz108CpkKU0

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