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25-Jan-2011 - The Chingford POLE CAT Fingers Mytrle HANNAN & Rose CARSWELL

25-Jan-2011 - The Chingford POLE CAT Fingers Mytrle HANNAN & Rose CARSWELL

or so it would very much seem - could they be so stupid in pursuit of their own inflated egos?

Surely neither Hannan nor Carswell would put their own egos before their Country but to be fair they do rather find themselves in political culdesacks in career terms. One has to wonder to what extent reinvention of himself as Myrtle may suit Hannan and might Carsdale be a foil in Britain wedded to the idea of Rose to Hannan's continental Myrtle - each in their own way trying to breath life into their stalled careers the one in Westminster whilst the other acts as the Judas Goat in Brussels alongside the likes of Farage and any other flotsam he can pick up for as you will recall David Bannerman was all too willing to prostitute himself to get back into bed with the Tories - well any Tory I hear.

Clearly if they are ever to feed their egos adequately I do feel that as politicians they will perforce be likely to make many a bleating sound as they lead the gullible of the EUroSceptic movement like sheep to the slaughter in return for the continuance of their glory.

Richard North covers the facts admirably as ever on EUreferendum blog and let us face it many a story to which Myrtle Hannan has laid claim has been lifted directly from the good Doctor's eminent research without so much as a hat tip!

Myrtle the Judas goat

Posted by Richard Thursday, January 27, 2011

It was Autonomous Mind who first picked up the stench on the breeze from a little-known blog (see musings of a PoleCat below!). This had it that Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell were seeking to wind up the Better Off Out campaign. Supported by Mark Reckless, they are proposing that BOO should be replaced by a cross-party referendum campaign, which says AM, "confirms the suspicions of many people" that the pair "are nothing more than David Cameron’s useful idiots".

The clue as to the direction of travel came from an earlier post on the Hannan blog and, while it does indeed look as if the deadly duo are shifting their ground, I would not entirely endorse the analysis offered by AM. Given how the pair, and Hannan especially, function as token eurosceptics, their function to lead waverers into the Tory Party, the real clue to their role is given in the comments to yet another Hannan post. There it is suggested that Judas goat might be a better descriptor.

A Judas goat is a trained goat used at a slaughterhouse and in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and on to trucks.

Funnily enough, though, Judas goats are illegal under EU slaughterhouse law. Once an animal has entered a slaughterhouse, it must be slaughtered within 24 hours. There are no exceptions permitted, and the only working animals allowed - and then just in the lairage - are dogs. As long as he is an MEP, Hannan would be safe enough from the branding.

However, so apposite is the description that we have nevertheless decided on an honorific for the Hannan, judging "Myrtle" to be the most appropriate. This is slightly better than Rose, but that name can hardly apply. The experience of that animal which led it to such great fame is that which is intended for the unwise and gullible who follow Myrtle to the final destination.

But, says Your Freedom and Ours, see how they squirm, while Witterings from Witney adds his own well-crafted points .
As has been so often stated on my various blogs and elsewhere there is little or no doubt that it is the enemy within that we must be most aware of as they seek their own glory at the expense of all others - but surely not Myrtle Hannan & Rose Carswell but then again they both face deselection by the pro EU LibLabConstruct and the oleaginous Boy King. 

The Musings of a PoleCat perchance:
Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell Propose Winding Up BOO
EXCLUSIVE: Withdrawalism’s pantomime horse does the splits
In Committee Room 7 at the House of Commons this evening, Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell proposed that Better Off Out should wind itself up. Arguing that the supporters of BOO – whom present tonight included Lord Tebbit – have, in one form or another, ‘sat for thirty years’ without achieving the objective of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, the two men, supported by Mark Reckless, proposed that BOO should go out of business and be replaced by a cross-party referendum campaign. Their case for this included the belief that Tory MPs won’t join BOO for fear of getting the black spot. Douglas Carswell further suggested that more than half the new Tory intake in the Commons were privately in favour of a referendum, and moreover, were personally receptive to his arguments. The meeting was chaired by Lord Vinson and despite the push by Dan Hannan, Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless to abolish BOO, it decided instead to keep itself in existence but wish a fair wind to any All Party Parliamentary Group that can be established in favour of an In/Out referendum on the EU.
It’s hard to see what the case is for abolishing BOO. Apart from anything else, far from having achieved nothing, it’s the one group in the last quarter century that has given any public salience whatsoever to the idea of British withdrawal from the EU. Beyond that the low politics of the Hannan/Carswell proposal don’t seem to make much immediate sense either. If Tory MPs are reluctant to join BOO because of the implications for their career prospects, any group which is established that doesn’t threaten their personal ambitions isn’t likely to be doing its job. David Cameron has been unambiguous on this point: he fully supports British membership of the EU. A group that he and the whips can tolerate ambitious Tory backbenchers belonging to is, almost by definition, a neutered body. With, in this instance, the proposed distinction of being one that intends to neuter itself.
Lord Tebbit made the point that Tory MPs, should redistribution actually happen, will face the tremendous threat of Central Office determining whether or not they get new constituencies in any shrunken House of Commons. While Phil Davies pointed out that BOO and a pro-Referendum APPG are anyway two quite distinct propositions. The latter can, if 6 or more Labour MPs can be found to join it, include pro-EU politicians in favour of a referendum precisely so that they can keep us in the EU. Thus the point of BOO is to keep making the Withdrawalist case, rather than dissolving itself in favour of a cross-party grouping merely agnostically agitating for an In/Out poll.
One sub-current to the evening’s discussion was the marked impression that on the Hannan/Carswell side the belief is that to call the referendum is to win it. Others, including the Bruges Group’s Barry Legg, felt that it was personal economic attitudes towards the EU that would ultimately determine how people voted, just as in 1975, and that that that was nothing like a sealed deal yet.
BOO is a very necessary thing, and whatever very slim chance there is that this Liberal Conservative Coalition would ever allow an In/Out referendum to be staged on its pro-EU watch, it’s crucial that BOO continues to exist and keeps making the case for withdrawal when eventually the opportunity to do so presents itself. It’s also imperative that Tory withdrawalists should work together rather than, as this evening, at cross purposes.
To view the original of this post immediately above see Norman Tebbit's involvement in the blog at CLICK HERE

It is interesting to note at the self same time we note Roger Helmer stepping down as Chairman of The Freedom Association - might this be of significance for ever since his performance with his chum Tom Wise and his vigerous defence of the liar, cheat, fraudster and all round general fool Tom Wise I have tended to think of Roger Helmer as a class act from the school of Tom Wise the act being more convincing! As of course is the track record of self enrichment via numerous globalist sell out corporations until he climbed on the gravy train.

Time and time again it has been our mainstream politicians and Snivil Cervants who have most consistently betrayed us be that as Heath, Rippon, Hurd, Hesseltine, Major, Kinnock, Jenkins, Blair, Brown, Straw, Presscot, Healy, Plum and others who have taken the devils Ecu.

IF we are to save our Country, our future, our children in liberty, sovereignty and independence with dignity and self determination in Justice and self esteem as a global trading nation that the world can trust - clearly our first action is to shake the dust of conventional failure from our feet break free of betrayal by Party structure and look to saving ourselves.

It is my opinion that with The EU Referendum Campaign on the one hand and already The Judas Goat made a play for control having begged for the one meeting then trying to seize control by announcing a launch as if he had any say - Could Myrtle be trying to do the same with The BOO Group?

On the other side of the coin working in more than a little harmony we have The Petition for an EUReferendum and few would call Nikki Sinclaire other than a dedicated Leave-The-EU devotee clearly selflessly fighting for liberty Independently rather than as a Party hack working with the racists and anti Jewish faction of Farage's sell out of principles !
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