Wednesday, 22 September 2010



it is interesting to see people playing follow the money!

Be aware of the all too simplistc mantras of the pseudo EUroSceptics who merely follow a trail where they will be paid but wither into silence unless being paid. If our armies of old, who earned and defended our freedoms, had only turned up on days they were paid or in fact had only fought for money we would by now be either half French or half German!

It was the patriotic passion and inescapable honour of the humblest Tommy Atkins of yore that created and defended the values of these United Kingdoms, as the Bowmen of The Marcher Lordship of Monmouthshire raised 'two fingers' to the French and 'shafted' them at Agincourt.

They had learned their craft standing shoulder to shoulder to draw a yard of arrow of ash or oak or sitka or elm laid on a bow of mixed willow and poplar - he had learned his enemies traditions, habits and weaknesses.

Have you?

Or are you like those names that crop up when there is  a funded operation in pursuit not of liberty for all but for a personal funded pot of gold!

Few seem to take the time to learn the ways of our enemies, understand their follies and their foibles few can be found to have the technocrats manual of how to dismantle the behemoth - just read Richard Corbetts constructs for how to create it backwards ;-) and sandwich it with Chaz Bowyer's 'For Valour' & 'Symbol of Courage' by Max Arthur.

To build your force for freedom merely read with care 'A Study In Tyranny' by Alan Bullock and understand it in the context of 'Mein Kampf'.

Be minded of Franz Kafka's 'The Castle' and to understand the logic of The enemy consider 'The Trial'. Whether you relax with Hegel or with Ayn Rand or seek out Vernon Cleman's 'Bloodless Revolution'.

If you have only joined The resistance to garner an income or a status BE GONE you are nothing more than a parasite on the perpetual cycle:
It may well be coming to The Midnight Hour when these United Kingdoms wil once more be free to take up our rightful place on the global stage with our allies, our friends and our trading partners - but just at the moment we are only moving up to West South West! Let us with the changing of the seasons never miss an opportunity to rotate the compass for our gain - to Liberty.

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