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To Get The Message Out To The People Of Britain - IS IT NOW TOO LATE?!


This Video is a very helpful tool - Sadly it was produced by the utterly corrupt
racist, xenophobic, anti Jewish, violent holocaust deniers grouped as The EFD
In The EU - for more details of these vile people CLICK HERE

Perhaps YOU can help:

HELP Get Signatures for THE Petition Campaign for An IN/OUT Referendum on The EU.


HELP Get Pledges to The OUT/IN Referendum on The EU Campaign

TWO separate organisations working towards a common goal in different ways but in co-operation.
 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 - 62 65 62
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Monday, 29 November 2010

29-Nov-2010 - Daily Express - GET BRITAIN OUT OF EUROPE

29-Nov-2010 - Daily Express - GET BRITAIN OUT OF EUROPE

Story Image

Better Off Out: Ordinary voters overwhelmingly backed withdrawal

Monday November 29,2010
By Daily Express Reporter

Story Image

Better Off Out: Ordinary voters overwhelmingly backed withdrawal
PEOPLE from across the UK are throwing their support behind the Daily Express’s fast-growing crusade to get Britain out of the European Union.

Ordinary voters overwhelmingly backed withdrawal from the Brussels behemoth in a survey this week.

Graham Anthony, 39, a music studio manager from Glastonbury in Somerset, said: “We’ve got our own pound, our own currency. We’re pretty stable. We don’t need to be in it. Half of Europe is falling apart at the moment.”


Engineer Nick Sands, 40, from Guildford, Surrey, has just been made redundant. “We should look after ourselves and worry about our own people rather than other countries,” he said.

Secretary Carol Reed, 47, of Prudhoe, Northumberland, said: “I think the Daily Express is absolutely right. We should get out of the EU. It costs us too much money and it’s just a big gravy train at the end of the day.”

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

50 MORE REASONS for An EU REFERENDUM To Leave 10-Nov-2010

50 MORE REASONS for An EU  REFERENDUM To Leave 10-Nov-2010




*** - EU Referendum Campaign’s Casts Another Blow to Cameron

The EU Referendum Campaign, has commissioned a poll conducted by ComRes to find out the British publics’ views on the monetary contribution made by the United Kingdom to the European Union. The results, cast a devastating blow to David Cameron who is still attempting to play the narrative of a historic win over the EU budget.
In a poll where 1000 members of the public where asked questions found that:

- 59% of people asked believed that it was not right that Britain should be making a contribution of £48million per day to the EU.

(33% who were imbeciles believed it was right that Britain makes this contribution, keep an eye on this figure..)

- 74% of people asked believed that the money would be better spent relieving the impact of the Government’s spending cuts

- Only 23% of people believed that Britain gets value for money in its membership of the European Union (notice how 33% drops to 23%)

- 68% of people believed that Britain should ask for an immediate reduction in its contribution of the EU budget

This poll shows that the overwhelming majority of the British public do not believe David Cameron when he describes his EU budget negotiation deal as a success.

In light of these poll results James Pryor, the Chief Executive of the EU Referendum Campaign, said:
This poll confirms the ever-increasing disconnect between the political elite and the real people of Britain
with Jon Gaunt, Chief Spokesperson for the campaign adding:
It’s not crystal clear that the majority of British people want the £48 million we send every day to Brussels to be spent here in Britain on vital services. How will Britain feel when an EXTRA £450 million is sent to Brussels next year? Surely David Cameron cannot ignore the will of the British people… it’s time he gave us OUR say on the EU.
It is becoming increasing clear that the people of Britain need to stand together and demand a referendum on the EU.
To view the original article CLICK HERE
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The INDEPENDENT Flags Up The Need for A REFERENDUM 10-Nov-2010 & Quotes Jon Gaunt.

The INDEPENDENT Flags Up The Need for A REFERENDUM 10-Nov-2010 & Quotes Jon Gaunt.

Could Britain throw a Tea Party as well?

The success of the US political movement has prompted talk of a domestic equivalent. The search is on for our Sarah Palin...
By Ian Burrell, Media Editor
Wednesday, 10 November 2010
Tea, the poet William Cowper observed, is "the cup that cheers". Unless you're an American, in which case it's a symbol of oppression worth hurling into the Atlantic.
In Britain, tea parties are occasions associated not with revolution but with the aroma of Earl Grey, the gentle clink of china and mad hatters.
The talk on the British right wing yesterday was of the stirring of a new popular alliance inspired by the grassroots right-wing Tea Party movement that has swept America.
Tea Party candidates will stand in the next election in Britain – so predicts Kelvin MacKenzie, the former editor of The Sun – and the shock jock Jon Gaunt has announced his entry into politics at the head of an EU referendum campaign. 
In Britain, as in the US, a grassroots constituency feels ignored by mainstream politics and is intolerant of big government. Its members share a desire for lower rates of taxation, although in the UK campaigners' ire is directed as much at perceived over-interference by the European Union as at the dominance of the British state. Libertarian views do not generally extend to a belief in the benefits of immigration. 
Similarities are drawn between the American movement – whose symbolic leader is Sarah Palin – and the emerging network of libertarian and protest groups on the British right, ranging from the TaxPayers' Alliance and Young Britons' Foundation to the Release Britain from Brussels group. 
Brits jumping on the bandwagon include the death-defying Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, which polled almost a million votes in the general election, the hard-boiled Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, and the commentator Richard Littlejohn, who sees the Tea Party's constituents as "small business owners, lawyers, housewives". 
"It's no longer about party politics and left and right," declared Gaunt. "There's a lot of disaffected people out there. On Question Time I'm the one who gets the most cheers because I'm independent of any party." 
Gaunt, who was sacked by the radio network TalkSport for calling a local councillor a Nazi, said the broadcasting sector was also failing to reach a disenfranchised group. "Radio stations are conservative and many people are scared of me, which is a shame. There's no one in Britain that can get people reacting the way I do." 
Another populist radio presenter, Nick Ferrari of LBC in London, suggested that his former tabloid newspaper colleague Mr MacKenzie, along with the former Home Office minister and star of Strictly Come Dancing Ann Widdecombe, would make an effective joint leadership of a British Tea Party. 
"Kelvin has an extraordinary touchstone with his readers, he always has, and that fantastic ability to show he is not 'one of them'," said Ferrari. 
"With Ann Widdecombe, she can't dance to save her life but she has huge popularity." Mr MacKenzie, a Sun columnist, did not immediately seize the mantle, suggesting that Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, would make a strong leader of a British movement in favour of the small state and low taxation. "Why wouldn't Boris Johnson do it? With the exception of his Kosovan view of housing benefit in upscale neighbourhoods, I would have thought in all other respects he would have had a pretty normal reaction." 
Mr MacKenzie said mainstream politicians were fearful of the notion of a popular grassroots movement such as the Tea Party. "I think there will be Tea Party candidates over here in various elections, possibly council elections," he said, "but in all honesty I don't see them doing all that well. 
"My problem in the UK is I can't see the number of people who would be of quality to stand. Have we got people who, when they were tested and we looked into their background, we would want to follow?" 
Mrs Palin has admiringly branded some of the Tea Party's firebrand female candidates with the ferocious tag "mama grizzlies", but in a nation of pet lovers the cat-loving Ms Widdecombe might be more resonant. Gaunt has identified as an ally the combative campaigner and mother Jo Clearly, who ran a Facebook campaign against the march through Wootton Basset by the radical group Islam4UK and has now set up Release Britain from Brussels. 
There is no pretence to unity within the British right. Littlejohn says of Ms Widdecombe, for instance: "Once spoken of as a future Home Secretary, she is now reduced to swinging from a trapeze on Strictly Come Dancing, like one of the cartoon hippos in The Jungle Book."
To view the original article CLICK HERE
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The Express Covers The Latest ComRes Poll 10-Nov-2010

The Express Covers The Latest ComRes Poll 



David Cameron is under fire over his promise on the EU budget
Wednesday November 10,2010

Story Image

By Alison Little, Deputy Political Editor

DAVID Cameron was forced yesterday to fend off a claim of dishonesty over his pledge to hold down next year’s increase in the EU budget.
A key player in crunch talks starting tomorrow about the 2011 settlement claimed governments demanding a 2.9 per cent limit knew full well more cash would still have to be found.
The accusation came from MEP chief negotiator. Sidonia Jedrzejewska, of the Polish centre-Right.
She said member states ­supporting a 2.9 per cent deal knew extra cash would have to be added during the year to meet existing ­commitments, through “amended budgets” to pay for things such as ­pensions for retired eurocrats.
“It is not an honest proposal. People who wrote the letter know it will be more in the end. They are just postponing payments,” she claimed.
She said “putting a stop” on the EU budget meant capping “ambition” too, adding: “You can’t have more for less.”
A British Government spokesman denied dishonesty, insisting: “The UK is determined to go no higher than 2.9 per cent.
“This is not about postponing payments and we are not privately planning to agree to further increases to the 2011 budget through amending budgets next year. That is wishful thinking on behalf of MEPs. Any future amending of budgets should be about re-prioritising expenditure within these limits, not increasing them.”
His denial came as a new poll underlined the depth of British taxpayers’ anger at the EU’s continuing cost.
And there was cast-iron proof over the poor state of EU finances as ­auditors refused it a clean bill of health for the 16th year running.
The European Court of Auditors said key areas in the £88billion budget were still “materially affected by error”.
Nearly three quarters of people think the £48million a day that Britain sends to Brussels would be better spent here to ease the pain of the coalition’s ­public spending cuts. Some 68 per cent of those polled by ComRes for the EU Referendum Campaign agreed Britain should demand an “immediate reduction in its £17billion a year ­contribution to the EU budget.
This figure “does not take into account the UK rebate which other EU countries want to scrap”. Only 23 per cent thought Britain got good value for money from the EU.
The campaign’s James Pryor said: “This confirms the disconnect between the political elite and real people.”
To view the original article CLICK HERE
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Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Press release
22:00 9th November 2010

British Public think EU budget better spent in Britain
An Exclusive EU Referendum Campaign Poll, conducted by ComRes, reveals that...

74% of the British Public think the £48 million we send to the EU every day would be better spent in Britain to relieve the impact of the Government's cuts 

68% of the British Public want Britain to demand an immediate reduction in our contribution to the EU Budget

These results are part of a poll which examines the British Public's views on the present financial commitment to Brussels. After the vicious Government spending cuts in Britain, 6 in 10 people do not believe it is right that Britain makes a financial contribution of £17 billion a year to be a member of the EU and less than a quarter of the British public think Britain gets good value for money from our EU membership.

James Pryor, Chief Executive EU Referendum Campaign, said: 'This poll confirms the ever-increasing disconnect between the political elite and the real people of Britain.'

Jon Gaunt, spokesman for the EU Referendum Campaign said: 'It's now crystal clear that the majority of British people want the £48 million we send every day to Brussels to be spent here in Britain on vital services. How will Britain feel when an EXTRA £450 million is sent to Brussels next year? Surely David Cameron cannot ignore the will of the British people... it's time he gave us our say on the EU.'

Andrew Hawkins, Chairman of ComRes comments: 'Whether you put the question in positive or negative terms, the public are deeply sceptical about Britain's contribution to the EU Budget.  The case for Britain contributing £48 million a day has simply not been made.'

Notes to editors

Methodology Note:
ComRes interviewed 1000 GB adults by telephone between 5th and 7th November 2010. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.  Full data tables available at www.comres.co.uk.

Contact Bridget Rowe
EU Referendum Campaign
Director of Communications
mob 07548530855 bridget_rowe@hotmail.com

ComRes contact: Andrew Hawkins, 07971 209 995

Caroline Lawes
Research Team Manager
Four Millbank
London SW1P 3JA

T. +44(0) 20 7340 9637
F. +44(0) 20 7340 9645

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Thursday, 4 November 2010

*** QUESTION TIME 04-Nov-2010 - Jon GAUNT will Front For The REFERENDUM CAMPAIGN

*** QUESTION TIME 04-Nov-2010 - Jon GAUNT will Front For The REFERENDUM CAMPAIGN


besides producing several excellent videos promoting The EU Referendum Campaign which can be located via The Right Sidebar Jon Gaunt has been fronting the Campaign on a number of media opportunities.
Jon Gaunt is once again fronting for

The EU Referendum Campaign on Question Time in SHEFFIELD this evening.

TO VIEW: This programme on the BBC IPod (for as long as they provide it! do CLICK HERE


Spineless David Cameron may as well hoist the white flag over Downing Street.
In the last week he has surrendered over the EU budget rise and handed over at least another £450 million to Brussels despite the fact that 75 percent of Brits wanted a referendum.
He then has the temerity to brag that his actions were a tremendous success. This ludicrous boast is on a par with Saddam’s PR man, Comical Ali, who declared on live TV that Baghdad would not fall as American tanks were rolling down the streets behind him.
Not content with cutting15 thousand jobs in the armed services he now enters into deal with the French that paves the way for a Euro army.
Then he caves into The European court of human rights and says that there is nothing he can do about giving muggers, rapists and paedophiles the vote.
Of course there is something he could do.
He could listen to the British public, which in a ComRes poll last week stated by a massive 75 percent that they wanted a referendum on our continued membership of the EU.
By giving us that referendum we could leave this club but of course this wont happen because Cameron has now shown his true colours which by the way are not white but blue with gold stars.
Yesterday in Parliament in a direct response to a direct question from Labour MP Kate Hoey who asked “is there any chance of a referendum in the next five years on whether we stay in or go out?”
Comical Dave replied, “ I do not believe in an in-out referendum for many reasons. I think we are better off in the European Union.”
And only a few days ago he described him self as a Eurosceptic!
I could describe him as many things the most polite of which is a lying, conniving double dealing conman who has surrendered our great nations independence to an organisation that the majority of people do not want to be a part of and which three quarters of the population are at least demanding a straight forward in or out vote.
Come on Dave give us a vote, what are you scared of?
Sign The Pledge, demanding an EU referendum now!
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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dutch parties call for another Euro-referendum - Dan HANNAN MEP - Telegraph - 03-Nov-2010

Dutch parties call for another Euro-referendum - Dan HANNAN MEP - Telegraph - 03-Nov-2010

Consult the people? They might have all sorts of ideas!
Dutch parties call for another Euro-referendum

Consult the people? Whatever next?

So inured are we to the absence of democracy in the EU, so habituated to our powerlessness, that we barely reacted when European leaders explicitly announced that their objective, in amending the treaties as Angela Merkel wants, was to avoid a referendum. Everyone understands that ballots on the EU tend to produce “No” votes. Eurocrats barely bother to pretend any more that they enjoy popular support.

So you can imagine the agitation in Brussels at the prospect of a second Euro-referendum in the Netherlands – a proposal now supported by the Freedom Party (PVV) as well as the Socialist Party (hat-tip, EU Observer). Dutch voters want a say on the massive liabilities being imposed on them by the euro crisis. Having been net beneficiaries of EU spending until the mid-1990s, they are now, in per capita terms, among the main contributors.

Most Dutch leaders regard the prospect of consulting the electorate with horror. Like their counterparts elsewhere in the EU, they tend to see themselves as qualified to rule by their expertise rather than by the ballot box. The Anglo-Dutch writer Ian Buruma calls the Dutch elites the “regenten”, after the fastidious oligarchs who controlled the republic until the late eighteenth century.

Eurocrats, too, are determined to avoid another Dutch plebiscite. They remember that the level-headed Hollanders rejected the European Constitution by a whopping 62 per cent. (Needless to say, Brussels disregarded that vote and went ahead anyway on the basis of what I call the EU’s Brechtian imperative: “Wouldn’t it be easier to dissolve the people and elect another in their place?”) If the Dutch were allowed a vote, several of their neighbours might become restive. British voters might ask why the Netherlands should be allowed to vote on Britain’s future.

Sooner or later, there will have to be an EU plebiscite in this country. I hope that our political leaders will anticipate the demand: they would be handsomely rewarded. Incidentally, several of my readers keep asking me how many people have signed The Pledge, which demands such a vote. Over 30,000 so far.

To view the original article CLICK HERE
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