Monday, 27 September 2010

** Ask NOT what THE Petition can do for YOU @ The Labour Party Conference

** Ask NOT what THE Petition can do for YOU @ The Labour Party Conference


don't forget Nikki Sinclaire will be in Manchester for The Labour Party Conference
Nikki is presenting The Petition Campaign for an EU Referendum at a fringe meeting:

Here are the details from the DIARY EVENTS page on the tabs above!
28-Sep-2010 - 19:00 - 19:30hrs.
Manchester - Labour conference FRINGE
Central Hall Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JQ
Details: 0121 - 350 5933 -

Nikki will have her battle bus:
If YOU can help Nikki either during the day or in the evening and would like to be a part of her team working for a Referendum getting signatures for The Petition or if you just need more details contact :

Tel 0330 440 8434
PO Box 15262
B90 9FY
Nikki Sinclaire's office will be able to put you in touch and tell you all you need to know as to how YOU can help.

Call on Monday for details or at least by Tuesday lunch time.

Nikki Sinclaire will be dashing around as she has to try to get to North Wales to say a very personal thank YOU to a lady there who has already filled in 50 Petition sheets with 10 names, addresses and post codes per page
500 People Signed by ONE Lady! 

Then as she has said on her blog her sinuses have been playing up with an infection but although the anti biotics are working for the infection they seem not to much help with her eye strain.

This is why her blogging and letter writing have fallen away as use of the computer screen has been causing horrendous head aches, So I gather from my contacts that she is trying to fit in a visit to an optician - just the right age for glasses to maybe provide the solution.

Good luck - eyes are NOT to be ignored so let us hope it is JUST the infection not full scale decrepitude as with my eyesight!

So any help YOU can give will be welcome.

'Ask NOT what THE Petition can do for YOU
Ask what YOU can do for THE Petition'

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