Tuesday, 28 September 2010

*+** Hazel Leads The Day at THE PETITION

*+** Hazel Leads The Day at THE PETITION


The Petition Campaign for an EU Referendum is proving hugely successful and providing The Peoples' Petition to support and assist the EU Referendum Campaign which is acting in a complimentary capacity - though we do expect efforts from the dog in the manger brigade who are not true Patriots but will try to drive a wedge between the various genuine campaigns for their personal gain.

You will find it easy to spot the true patriots as they will be only too happy to put their shoulder to any wheell of co-operation for these United Kingdoms leaving their childish rivalries and self interest politically behind them.

Already these two Campaigns are running well together - though from time to time the odd ego will slip out of the box and make a fool of itself of that you can be sure when you have INDEPENDENT campaigners from any and no political Party and every wing and walk of life in our society.

Nikki Sinclaire MEP as the driving force that launched The Peoples' Petition for an EU Referendum is now ably assisted by her team and Mike Nattrass MEP who is also doing sterling work. Whilst Paul Nuttall MEP is doing all he can to promote the success of the Alliance by lending his weight to James Pryor and his team at the EU Referendum campaign.

I gather The Petition for an EU Referendum has now topped 20,000 signatures and is 1/5th. of the way to its initial target of 100,000 signatures - which are flooding in from all corners of these United Kingdoms together with donations from The People backing The Petition and its aims.

The funding is really important as the aim is to use every penny7 piece donated to advance The Petition itself - already there are well advanced plans for a magasine to promote The Petition and the co-operation with the EU Referendum campaign and James Pryor's group with their direct action campaign to make Politicians and business ever more aware and more responsive.

Today Nikki Sinclaire MEP, in the belief that Britain before Brussels is important did not go to waste time in The EU Parliament enjoying the luxury and benefits of her expense account but did some worthwhile work and drove to North wales to be with an incredible lady and to thank Hazel for her achievements so far.

Let us let Nikki Sinclaire tell it in her own words:

A true inspiration

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Hazel from North Wales who has collected over 500 signatures for the 100,000 petition ‘Campaign for a Referendum’ on the UK’s membership of the EU. Hazel has never been a member of a political party and only found out about the campaign when a friend showed her the leaflet. She felt so strongly about the cause, she immediately went out and completed the first form and then contacted my office for more forms. 
Hazel recently lost her husband who she cites as her inspiration. Shortly before his death she found him crying, she asked him why. He replied that he was upset about his country and the mess the politicians have made of it. Hazel told me this campaign was way overdue and the British people deserved a say on how they were governed. She goes out two/three times a day and has vowed to continue.
My mum, despite a recent hip operation and a problematic recovery has collected over 300 signatures. We get many calls to the office and receive lots of completed forms on a daily basis. I am overwhelmed at the level of support and the dedication of these people who truly are a inspiration to our cause.
The really pleasing part of this whole effort is: 
Firstly just how well received it is 'on the doorstep'.
Secondly how rapidly & willingly the two campaigns are working together.
Thirdly the fact that The Petition is getting completed sheets of signatures from all over Britain - many downloaded from this site and their own.
Fourthly just how widespread the response is, as it was initially feared it would take a while to spread beyond The West Midlands where it was launched.
ANY HELP any contribution and any support for the two campaigns is very welcome - this is a totally cross Part initiative and is NOT about childish egos it is about two organisations acting together in their own particular ways out of Patriotism and a belief in the Democratic Rights of The British Peoples.
Handing Self Determination to The British People.
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