Tuesday, 28 September 2010

** THE PETITION Campaign for an EU Referendum @ The Labour Conference.

** THE PETITION Campaign for an EU Referendum @ The Labour Conference.


since it was Nikki Sinclaire giving it large at The Labour Party Conference let's let her tell us in her own words about her initiative to promote The Petition Campaign for an EU Referendum which works closely and is complimented by The EU Referendum Campaign.

Working together there is every possibility that we can reach our goal of a Debate in Parliament leading to the fundamental Human Right, as defined in The Foundation Charter of The UN which states:


Self Determination is a Fundamental Human Right.

Isn't it in the cl;aimed belief that the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq were entitled to The Fundamental Human Right of Self Determination that Britain and America told so very many lies to slaughter so many of them - Yet the Politicians at Westminster have denied us that fundamental Human Right.

At the Labour Party Conference

Taking the Campaign for a Referendum to the opposition in Manchester

With Tony Benn who was supportive of my initiative

With Ben Bradshaw MP I was trying to convert the inconvertable!

New Labour leader, Ed Milliband told his conference that politics is broken. What he didn't do like he did with Iraq, is to acknowledge and apologise for  the Labours complicity in breaking the democratic link between the people and the people who govern them.

Politics has been broken since we joined the Common Market in 1972 without the consent of the British people.  Subsequent governments, including Labour have transferred sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. If he wants to fix politics he should begin by supporting my Campaign for a Referendum.

As you can see from the above photos I was in Manchester today and spoke at a fringe meeting at Central Hall promoting the petition. I have engaged in interesting conversations with Labour delegates including the veteran, principled campaigners Tony Benn and Dennis Skinner. Tony Benn showed support for my initiative and I hope he will give me his endorsement.

I also spoke with many europhiles including Ben Bradshaw who have no intention of giving the British people a say on their future - and they call themselves democrats!
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