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The Pink Book Now Shows Britain's Cost of EU Membership at £48 M a Day

The Pink Book Now Shows Britain's Cost of EU Membership at £48 M a Day

The Pink Book Now Shows Britain's Cost of EU Membership 

at £48 MILLIONS a Day x 365 per annum

Or £2 M an hour 

Or if you want to pay just one cheque £17.5 B a year!


I have been having a discussion on one of the many political general forums that exist and thought it might be of help to publish a few of the Questions & Answers which I will also aggregate on The >>FAQs page above (given time) 

Here is one of the points raised and my response: 

The British population was nervous before the election about whether the Tories could be trusted; the Coalition was the result. The population is even MORE nervous about leaving the EU, as I am, since I haven't yet seen a business plan on how we would succeed?

I accept most of the points put forward which were:

It might be an appropriate point to produce these results again, taken from a variety of published EU-related polls over the last 12 months:
  • 84% want Cameron to hold a referendum on Lisbon, even if it has already been ratified
  • 60% want a complete renegotiation of Britain's relationship with the EU
  • Only 6% want the UK to be "at the heart of Europe"
  • 55% wanted to leave the EU but maintain close trading links
  • 84% said that voters should decide whether any further powers should be transferred to the EU
  • 51% did not think there was any benefit in trade or jobs from EU membership
  • 69% want the Government to start ignoring EU rules
  • 60% say that fines for disobedience to our Brussels masters should be ignored
  • 75% want a referendum before any more powers are given to the EU
  • 57% want to take back powers already given to the EU
but we need substantial reasons why our withdrawing from the EU is guaranteed success!

we have substantial reasons why remaining is catastrophic - £48 Million a day is a pretty good start!

Then the fact that NO ONE has ever shown a valid benefit of membership that has any merit when related to a loss of £17.5Billion a year or if you rather £2Million an hour!! 

ONE Billion is in itself a VERY large number!
1Bn. seconds ago it was 1963
1Bn. Minutes ago The Christian era had not begun as Christ had not been born!
1Bn. Hours ago bi pedal mammals did not exist!
 Politicians speak glibly of £Billions of OUR money but I have every doubt that they haven't a clue what a Billion is!

Clearly in financial and moral terms there is absolutely no justification for Britain's membership of the anti democratic EU!

We hand over, if counted at the rate of £1 per second such that our annual payment would need to have been started counting when:
Gregory VIII was Pope
Henry !! was King of England
Geoffrey Duke of Brittany was born
The Battle of Hattin was lost and Jerusalem fell to The Saladin

& the population of Britain was under 3.5 million!
Yes to pay our annual Dane Geld our dues to the malign continental centralised communist style committee dictatorship which imposes our laws upon us undemocratically and holds us in its gulag had we started counting at the rate of £1 a second in 1187 we would just have the sacks full!

I see absolutely no reason to be nervous of leaving but many reasons to be terrified of staying!

The more informed the peoples of these United Kingdoms become the more they realise the catastrophy of what our treacherous and venal politicians and our Snivil Cervants have done to us.

Please provide a single solitary reason for membership of the EU that we could not achieve, if we wished, using the money we pay them in any one month £1.46 Billion!

At the end of the day nothing in life is guaranteed.The EU on the other hand is a proven faliure. The alternative of staying part of a growing Fedralist Block will mean the end of the UK as we know it and being dragged ever deeper into the maw of the behemoth as it dies consuming us in its fury!


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