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***EU Referendum - HUGE BREAKTHROUGH with EU Propaganda Budget FISKING!

***EU Referendum - HUGE BREAKTHROUGH with EU Propaganda Budget FISKING!

Following in detail from Dr. Richard North's posting CLICK HERE

The EU Referendum Campaign - fisked

Posted by euromove on 17/09/10
The EU Referendum Campaign has called for a referendum on British membership of the EU.   

Here is The EU Referendum Campaign statement about EU membership in Blue, 
**fisked in red by The EUmovement a part of The EU propaganda machine**
>>in turn fisked by me in black  - my blog so I get the last word 'cos life's not fair!<<

Can we really afford to send £45 million a day to Brussels? 
>>Now stands at £48M or £2M per hour 24/7 CLICK HERE <<
 ** this is the gross figure not the net figure, which implies that the referendum campaign wants to shut down the things that EU funds pay for in Britain, such as regional spending, support for Britain’s small farmers, research and development, etc **  
>>ALL of which we could pay for 3 times over with the money taken from us by The EU.
Also we would not have to match fund huge numbers of projects for The EU which were we not in The EU we would not wish upon ourselves.
The £48M is only the direct cost consideration as a daily membership due or tax payable for membership!<<

Britain is Broke….That’s what the government told us…Isn’t that why our public services are being cut, our taxes are being increased and our pensions are crashing?
>>We are worse than broke we are massively and unresovably broke £17,520,000,000 saved annually by leaving The EU would pay down that borrowing and fund the annual interest rate over a period of time.
By the way I am quoting the summer 2010 Government Pink Book CLICK HERE

A torrent of EU laws are transforming our economy and public sector and there is nothing we can do about it.   
** the EU agrees only around 490 laws a year, whereas Westminster produces around 3,500 annually – which one is the torrent? **  >>The EU is VERY clearly the torrent as there is no comparisson between the bulldozers of legislation of The EU.
This is an utterly dishonest & very typical type of EU propaganda.
Absurdum makes my point: 
1 EU Law may well state - The Police Forces of all member States will fall under the control of EUroPol and its laws.
1. Westminster Law may state that Sunday Trading Hours are to be extended by one hour.

On investigation during the Irish Referendum scam showed that in the preceding 3 years over 80% of ALL law enacted in The irish Parliament was a product of rubber stamping EU diktat..

Some torrent some trickle!<< 

EU laws are imposed without us, or our MPs, having any say whatsoever.  
 ** our MEPs have a say, as do our ministers, who are accountable to our MPs, and both MPs and MEPs are elected by the people **  
>>MEPs are not elected they are placed from lists - I have 5! Representing 2 parties one localised joke and a cult! None represent any British values I recognise!
We have 8% representation in the centralised committee dictatorship of The EU and that 8% is further fractured between 6 parties and without exception they are bought and paid for by The EU with absolutely no meaningfull say over anything of significance.<<

 Whether it’s the imposition of directives forcing us to privatise and break up our railway system, the Royal Mail and other key public services,  
 ** there are no directives forcing privatisation – in France, both SNCF and La Poste remain in public ownership – the decision to privatise is national, not European **   
>>The EU regulations specifically enforced the separation of rail and rolling stock during Thatcher's era and she knew so little about The EU that it passed her by and it was not until AFTER they were in Government she and Norman Tebbit woke up!
The Royal Mail was forced under EU regulation to separate many of its functions and open up to competition in service supply - the new competitors ONLY took on the profitable parts and made no bids for the loss making parts leading to the inevitable decline of the residual Post Office and collapse of rural services.
Please don't quote the dishonourable who enter agreements and then 'renege' you note we use a French word for such deceit.<<

new laws relating to the City of London   
** do you not think that the financial markets need some new rules – has everything really gone perfectly recently? **   
>>Sadly the influence of the economically illiterate Gordon Brown and the criminally self serving Tony Blair and the rest of the neo Communists working to a Common purpose hand in glove with the corrupt EU permitted denigration of our fiduciary care rules and a requirement to both find some £45M a day from tax revenue and a methodology that surrendered to the alien, corrupt and unaccountable practices of the malign central Government in Brussels.
That the size of the bribes on offer to little men were eye watering and the fact that with the rot of the likes of The Commuinist Barbara Castle as MEP taking Jack Straw on as her protege and John Presscott as her pupil in the EEC as an MEP laid the rot is indisputable.
There is every reason that had we been free of the EU we could have moved with greater allacrity and freedom of movement and avoided the ramifications of the introduction of The EUro which led directly to fraud in Iraq and eventually an utterly corrupt and unlawfull war!<<

and small businesses, the voters of Britain should ultimately decide what policies they want - and do not want - through their elected representatives in parliament.  *
* our elected representatives in parliament do decide, that’s what the European Parliament is for **   
>>No that is an outright lie as debate is forbidden in The EU pretend Parliament.
An MEP books a speech of 90seconds and may well be unable, with 736 alien MEPs with entirely different agendas to gain a second slot for a week.
It is an obscene farce to pretend this is a representative democracy of elected representatives - Even Lord Haw Haw Mandelson?) when a Commissioner stated this was a model for a post democratic system of governance whilst Emperor barroso in a key note speech defined The EU as an Empire by consensus.
Consensus of whom one may well ask as a minority believe in the EU and trust it based upon its own polls!<<

Once EU laws are passed into law, they cannot be reversed.  *
* yes they can.  A proposal from the Commission and majority in the Council and the EP can change any EU directive **  
>>So clearly it is not democratic - change can only be effected by unelected fat cats who have only the system's interests at heart NOT the people or the future.<<

This is not democracy.   
** Would it be democratic if one single member state could force the other 26 do something they did not want to do? **
>>So it is by the EU's own admission not democratic it is intimidation by the mass upon the minority. A crass system of no merit or gain. When the majority of people wish to move out of an area it is unfortunate, when they are forced to remain it is a prison and when for the political expediency of a minority force/threat is used to contain them and £2.4Billion a year is spent to re-educate them via a propaganda budget it is clearly a Gulag.<<

Communication strategy

The Communication strategy portfolio in the first Barroso Commission existed between 2004 and 2010 combined with Institutional Relations. Under the second Barroso Commission this was be dropped as it had no powers and was open to allegations of propaganda.

Due to the crisis the Euro is now facing, the Brussels elite is demanding total control over the tax and spend policies of its member countries.   
** the level of tax and spending is a matter for each member state to decide for itself – expenditure levels vary from 41%  (Bulgaria) to 59% (Denmark) – there is no European control of this **   
>>Another item of corrupt EU propaganda - a good trick answering a question that was not asked!
EU Referendum Campaign stated
Due to the crisis the Euro is now facing, the Brussels elite is demanding total control over the tax and spend policies of its member countries.  which of course is true - yet the EU propaganda response was to answer what IS happening hence the need to add gravitas by the addition of links to irrelevant sites and figures!
Let us remind The EU apparatchiks of EU Movement that vat is a centralised tax on ALL transactions of 20% - thus a 20% tax on spending made from an already taxed income! Just as we are further taxed by The EU under its utterly dishonest Green taxes and Carbon Taxes which are all obligatory as members of The EU.
So the EU taxes us on unscientific fairy stories!
Clearly the lunatics are running the asylum - now clearly a Gulag where The Central Committee even sets education criteria and yet can nor even account for the money its steals from us!<<
The unelected European Commission   
** the president of the European Commission is elected by the European Parliament, and the other members of the Commission are confirmed in office by the EP **   
>>Oh so it isn't remotely a democracy - we do not elect our MEPs - they are batch appointed from lists on some mythical con of PR. We do not elect our Commissioners they are Buggins turn failures from domestic politics - we do not have a representative Council as the sole requirement of The EU for people is to ensure the Supra National Empire functions by providing the funding!<<
is demanding the right to vet national budgets before elected parliaments are even allowed to see and debate them. 
** no, it proposes that, given that the budgetary decisions that each EU member state takes have an impact on all the others, there should be analysis of those impacts as part of the budgetary process **  

It also wants to the right to tax us individually: that is to say an EU level of tax we must all pay, additional to the money we already hand over to our government and local councils.  
** the idea is that the money currently contributed to the EU budget by national governments be replaced by a European tax – it would make the level of EU expenditure more visible to the citizen and enable national governments to reduce the amount of tax they themselves raise.  In order to be implemented, it would need the unanimous agreement of every member state.  By the way, this idea that each level of government should be responsible for raising its own revenue is featured in The Plan, the book by Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan. **

What is the point of a meaningless referendum on Electoral Reform next May that will cost us £80 million and achieve nothing.  ** the referendum might change the voting system to Westminster  -that is surely not meaningless **   

Why even consider changing the way we vote for our politicians when 75% of our laws are made in Brussels   
** only about 10 per cent of laws originate in the EU ** 
>>Balderdash on both counts as purely working by numbers is as shown above a fase and dishonest way of covering the fact that of all primary legislation in excess of 80% is by imposition by The EU and as shown by the detailed check in Ireland and the statement of The German Constitutional Courts.

If only The EU would check its own propaganda as Hans Pottering stated in response to the Czech Prime Minister The EU makes over 75% of the laws in all of EUrope.
Further do remember that the balance 20% must be compliant with EU law and ro quote Section II Part II ECA:
'It shall be the duty and responsibility of The Minister concerned to enact into law all laws to be compliant with The EU whether by Statutary Instrument or by Order In Councel'
Thus clearly The EU is by no meaningfull definition of the word a democracy and in any logical consideration Westminster is no longer responsible and thus MPs are drawing both their wages and their expenses fraudullently as they have no meaningfull job to acquit nor duty to fulfill - They are no more than super annuated social workers with absolutely no authority and no say over anything whatsoeve save voting to increase their wages and expenses which they do with great alacrity and even manage to keep a straight face for such a bent action!
However MEPs are responsible for the theft of tax payers' money on an industrialised basis.<<

and our MPs have no powers to influence those laws  
** they can hold to account British government ministers for the way they vote in the Council of Ministers **   
>>Woopy doo - are they allowed to price the portions of jelly and icecream for the annual House of Commons Christmas party?<<
The real referendum has to be whether we want to be in or out of the European Union.
That must have surprised the EU propaganda machine as they make no comment but probably because they know that like Ireland they can rig the vote or like France & The Netherlands just ignore the wishes of the people - or at the end of the day rename the same document and pass it themselves as they did with the New Constitution Lisbon Treaty.
The EU is utterly and unarguably corrupt, profligate and irresponsible and likely to be the cause of more deaths in Europe during the next 50 years in its wars of disassociation and as famine stalks the planes of EUrope followed by plague than in every European war in history to date.<<

It’s a sad fact that Britain is sleepwalking into the European Super-State   
** how can it be a super-state when its budget is only 1 per cent of GDP, its central administration has fewer employees than most city councils and it has no army **  
>>Utterly dishonest Aesopian drivel.
The EU employs more apparatchiks than there are in The Chinese Army - Clearly 80%+ of all law is implemented by the EU then 80%+ of the enforcement is a result and thus we can be assured that the majority of work done by Local Government and the Civil service in general and most of police work is in carrying out enforcement of EU law.
To lie and pretend that the armies of bureaucrats doing EU work and funded by a further EU tax on citizens is in some way NOT in the employ of The EU is disingenuous to the level of obscenity!
The propaganda Minister for the EU alone has  staffed offices in every university campus, 6th. form college, public library, County, City & Town Hall and of course those idiotic EU Regional Assemblies - Well over 500 Offices in Britain alone dispensing paper, leaflets, films, videos and staff for indoctrination with office space that probably runs to a square mile!
Then there are 18,000 Common Purpose graduates ALL selected and further propagandised to sell the central scam.<<

and Britain must wake up to the nightmares hiding under the sheets of Brussels. EU laws and directives made without our knowledge or consent,   
** the proposals are published by the European Commission, and become law with the consent of the Council (national governments) and the European Parliament (elected MEPs) – perhaps the newspapers should base permanent correspondents in Brussels rather than shutting down their offices there **  
>>So it is a centralised undemocratic committee dictatorship with an identical structure to The USSR - even its profligacy as the peasants starve the apparatchiks drive by in their fleets of Zills on reserved highway.
You may recal John Presscott sought to impliment that in Britain and Jack Straw faced no charge when his car was stopped doing in excess of 120mph. A privileged elite above the law.
Please do not deny the facts and take as your example in consideration how do MEPs get from Basle airport to The Tower of Babel in Strasbourg - it couldn't possibly be in a fleet of free cars could it - as with the special political elite trains provided for the self styled scum of EUrope to travel spared association with the hoy poloy!<<

behind locked doors  
** the Lisbon Treaty requires that the  Council of Ministers should meet and vote on legislation in public **  
>>However in reality they never do and due to the bable of languages without ready translation for that public that is of course merely a form of words with no democratic meaning.<<
or the most complicated clauses and sub-clauses imaginable.  
** legally watertight documents have to be written in a particular way – this is true in Westminster too – but simplified explanations are also published **
>>The difference being that as ALL of the EU legislation is drawn up by the ENARCS the tortollogy of the linguistics is undefinable though frequently seemingly precise leaving suitable loop holes for the authors.
Be minded that due to the utter incompetence of the last Government in Britain and the inability of many in The House of Lords as a scrutinising and amending function to acquit their duty much of the legislation from 1997 to 2010 is indecipherable gibberish thaty is so open to interpretation that we now even have an EU styled Supreme Court to act as a an EU style Star Chamber making law on the hoof as does the EU with its farcical Courts.
Be minded in TRYING to sell the EU to a British audience that in Britain our laws are founded on the laws of natural Justice not the Justinian laws of repression facing the threat of Barbarians at the gates of Rome with or withou the farce of an overlay of Code Napoleon.

Be also minded that in these United Kingdoms we have Civil Servants to carry out their Civil function as our Servants - whereas The EU has Administrators, apparatchiks and bureaucrats.

Minded of this remember that in these United Kingdoms we elect in the time honoured and proven manner of ONE representative per constituency by FPTP whether that is a few hundred houses on a Town Council or a Parliamentary Constituency of an MP, an individual who is duty bound to represent his constituents ALL his constituents with no one to fob them off to and thus a direct link. MEPs have no direct link and are placed from a list garnering not a single vote in their own name and thus beholden to the state and the party NOT the elector.

Thus it is clear there is a fundamental difference between these United Kingdoms with our ancient tradition of laws based on debate on the Village Mound or to parlez though I don't know the Middle English spelling that came eventually through parlez mound to Parliament - the law in Britain has never been by imposition whereas understanding of democracy in continental Europe is tenuous in the extreme with not a single constitution predating 1946!

Is it any wonder that a Communist student rebel in Salazar's dictatorship has so little grasp of justice or democracy as is shown by Barroso - or that every MEP in Spain represents all of Spain with no responsibility having been a product of Franco's military dictatorship and the product of Guernica?

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