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The Referendum Campaign

Monday 20 September, 2010 : Blog
Paul Nuttall MEP has joined the EU Referendum Campaign and has agreed to join the advisory team and act as one of the spokesmen in the EU's pretend Parliament for the EURC.
It will be a novel experience for Paul to be speaking in The EU about something that will actively help to bring Democracy to these United Kingdoms actively Campaigning for a Referendum and the fundamental Human Right of Self Determination - whether YOU want to leave or to stay in The EU the only way it can be honestly achieved is to have a Referendum on whether we stay or we go.
Paul is an active supporter of leaving the EU and now at last he can put his campaigning skills and conviction to meaningful use in The EU so called Parliament. Paul has been looking for a campaign to get stuck into for over a year, since he was first elected as an MEP by UKIP voters wanting to leave The EU.

The EU Referendum Campaign welcome Paul Nuttall as an Independent minded MEP prepared for the long hard road ahead using the pent up energy he brought to the Resistance Struggle over a year ago, that won him the seat as an MEP.
The idea of the campaign is to bring people together, regardless of their political affiliations, in an effort to press the government for an in or out referendum on our membership of the European Union. It will hopefully act as an ‘umbrella’ organisation to bring many of the anti-EU pressure groups together behind the cause for a referendum.

Last week I was asked whether I would be willing to get involved with a new campaign for a referendum on our membership of the European Union. Once I had a meeting with those involved, I was confident that not only would it be the right thing to do, but also that this campaign could become a major force in the near future. I therefore signed up straight away.

As nobody of my own generation has ever had the opportunity to say whether we want to remain members of the EU, I personally don’t think that a referendum is too much to ask. Moreover, as the most recent opinion poll has shown, the majority of the public want the UK to leave the EU, thus proving that the people are going in a completely different direction to the political establishment on this issue. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that the political elite do not want the people to have a vote on our EU membership because they would not like the result.

I am so enthused by this campaign that I have agreed to sit on the Advisory Council alongside Conservative MEP Dan Hannan, John Mills from the Labour Safeguards Campaign and Brian Denny from the trade unions. I am also pleased that Peter Street, who has been a big supporter of UKIP over the years and with who I met last week, is also involved in the campaign.

If anyone is interested in joining the campaign and signing the pledge, alongside the thousands who already have done, then please log on to and let’s start putting pressure on the establishment to give us the referendum that we rightly deserve and they originally promised.

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