Wednesday, 8 September 2010

***Kent News - 08-Sep-2010 - EU Referendum Campaign Launches

MEP Hannan launches campaign for EU referendum
Daniel Hannan
KENT NEWS: South East MEP Daniel Hannan has launched a campaign calling for a ballot on whether Britain should remain in the European Union.

The outspoken Tory has teamed up with respected economist Ruth Lea to ask for a referendum on the subject, which was previously promised by the former Labour government but which never went ahead.

The campaign was launched just hours after MPs agreed to hold a ballot on whether the current first-past-the-post voting system should be replaced with the Alternative Vote method.

Mr Hannan said: "If we are allowed a vote on how to elect our MPs, why not a vote on whether those MPs run the country?

"If we can have a referendum on whether to have a mayor in Hartlepool, what about one on whether the majority of our laws should be handed down from Brussels?

"Trusting the electorate would be the best way to answer the criticism that politicians, as a class, are out of touch.

"MPs should recognise they are not the owners of our liberty, but its temporary and contingent custodians. If they want to carry on handing away our independence they should have the decency to ask our permission."

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