Saturday, 2 October 2010

*** Jon GAUNT on EU Referendum Campaign

*** Jon GAUNT on EU Referendum Campaign


Good to see Jon Gaunt upholding the principles of the basic human right of self determination!

Let us hope he keeps this issue clearly at the forefront of his broadcasts.

This is NOT a party political issue it is a matter of integrity on the part of politicians of all parties and their lack of honour in making promises and reneging on them.

This is an issue of basic human rights and a foundation plank of the UN Charter enshrining The Right of Self Determination as one of the core human rights.

No one under 53 in Britain has ever been granted that core right and those over 53 were deliberately lied to as the politicians and their advisers believed the people would vote NO if they were told the truth.

QUOTE Edward Heath in The Houser of Commons after he admitted he deliberately lied to dupe the people on David Frost's interview.

Thank you to Mr. Gaunt for acting as a Patriot and setting an example our Politicians should follow.

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