Thursday, 14 October 2010

Campaign for a Referendum

While Nikki Sinclaire was on her RAF course her team were busy in Telford with THE PETITION battle bus.

THE PETITION TEAM have reported back that it was another extremely good day with people queueing up to sign the petition.
Not only is the team on the road several days a week with all the publicity that offers as the Battle Bus travels around its destinations but to promote THE PETITION Sinclaire is conducting all her Constituency meetings with the battle bus which is set up as an office inside.

I have tried to get a schedule of where you can get to visit or see the battle bus in action but a bit like getting a schedule from James and Bridget - everyone is running around and forward plans prove difficult to obtain. ALWAYS check the >EVENTS< tab at the top of the page - with luck I can get the info. from you as all groups are co-operating in this totally cross party Patriotic venture.

Whilst this activity continues out and about the postal operation continues with requests for more Petition forms flooding in from around Britain and completed sheets arriving daily and being collated in the offices.

To launch THE PETITION from the start with registration and design, campaign timings and plans - all drawn up since Easter the whole operation has been personally funded by Nikki Sinclaire from her own salary and legitimate use of allowances - the EU bans MEPs using expenses for political gain so ensuring with The EU that she has stayed within the rules has been time consuming.

Reading between the lines we understand it was this attention to detail that led OLAF to accept her application for assistance when she was attacked in The Sunday Times by a collection of very unconvincing 'allegedlies', much to UKIP's shame!

Clearly it is time for all of us to put our shoulder to THE PETITION WHEEL this Patriotic, cross party initiative should not be left to rest on the shoulders of just one Duty Bound individual of principle - we all have our pat to play.

If you can afford to make a donation to help take the initiative forward PLEASE read the inside back cover of the Campaign for A Referendum magazine or the last but one page in the .pdf which can be read by a Click on the Pic. on the right sidebar.

Perhaps YOU can afford to repay YOUR Country by contributing just £5,000 to match Sinclaire's 50,000 magazines - lets have enough donations to get a magazine to every voter! At the moment between 20 & 30,000 magazines are going out in the post to get this Patriotic message to the peoples of Britain - without YOUR help progress will stall!

Please note on your donation if you wish to contribute anonymously or if she can list your name as a backer in future publications

IF you can not afford to donate then PLEASE contribute some time - Download a copy of THE PETITION form on the back/last page of the magazine and makes as many copies as YOU can afford and get your friends and neighbours to help you to complete as many sheets of signatures as possible & mail them in to the office.

Something for everybody who believes in Britain to do.

This has been a busy week already with The RAF course for Squadron Leader Simnclaire MEP whilst her office finalised the mail out of the magazine and started distributing batches of the remaining 20,000 + getting to Brussels for an important Constituency meeting with The CBI and then back for a small business meeting the next morning - WELL DONE SINCLAIRE

this is what UKIP members and voters elected you to do - not sound bite gesture politics, squabbling and carousing in expensive restaurants and stuffing your bank account as so many MEPs do.

Let us hope there is a great deal of financial support and the energy levels can be maintained by all.

I have been asked to thank the FEW who have made donations already. There is enough to consider publishing another 50,000 magazines with the contributions to date.

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