Friday, 1 October 2010

*, **, Bloggers4UKIP Break Cover To TRY to stir - so I left a Posting/Comment

*, **, Bloggers4UKIP Break Cover To TRY to stir - so I left a Posting/Comment

Monday, 20 September 2010

Nikki Sinclair to talk at English Democrats conference

Nikki Sinclair MEP is speaking at the English Democrats party conference in Nottingham this week prompting some members to speculate that she might be about to jump ship to the SS Steve Uncles.

As Nikki doesn't support devolution it's unlikely that she'd support the English Democrats anyway but I don't imagine that her appearance at their conference is anything other a leg of her tour of party conferences speaking at fringes.  She was at the UKIP conference a couple of weeks ago and she said she was going to visit every party conference this year (I don't think she made it to either the Green or Lib Dem conference though).

It'll be interesting to see how Nikki is received by some of the more ... interesting characters in the English Democrats.

Nikki was very well received, we all enjoyed her speech. There was so many questions from the floor we had to stop them due to running over time. 

I believe Sinclaire was in Strasburgh on a prior commitment during the LibDim conference but I do know she personally paid for staff and the bus to be at their conference.

Perhaps you would care to lend support to an actual initiative to get a Referendum in Britain and raise the possibility of leaving the EU.

http://The Midnight and see how Patriots can set their childish egos aside and work together for Britain - already Nikki Sinclaire, Roger Helmer, Tim Congdon, Trevor Coleman, Dan Hannan, Mike Nattrass, James Pryor, Paul Nuttall, Bridget Rowe, Douglas Carswell, The BOO Group, TFA, LESC, Global Britain, Ian Milne, Tillbrook & The EDP and many many more are co-operating as individuals and separate organisations putting their shoulder to the one wheel for Britain in co-operation.

Set aside your hang ups, bury your prejudices and put Britain first for a change.


For the record the EDP's Tillbrook invited James Pryor and Bridget Rowe on the Saturday when their key note speaker was Jon Gaunt and Sinclaire was invited and brought Nattrass to a breakfast meeting with their NEC and as key note speaker for the Sunday.

Neither Mike nor Nikki were unaware of the ovatures but I gather from my EDP sources that Sinclaire stated she would be joining no one for at least a year and had every hope that responsible behaviour might emerge after UKIP's upcoming coronation. In the mean time she is taking The Petition Campaign for an EU Referendum to as much of Britain as she can herself and using staff and supporters for the rest.

I gather from the events section the Battle Van will be in Worcester today and will be at the Tory Conference next week.

Anyone nay EVERYONE is welcome to put their Patriotic shoulder to this Cross Party wheel.

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