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The Daily Sport Comes Out In Support of an EU Referendum - 19-Oct-2010

The Daily Sport Comes Out In Support of an EU Referendum - 19-Oct-2010
EU Must Give Us A Vote

THREE quarters of people in the UK want a vote on whether we should quit the cash-gobbling European Union.

According to results published by the EU Referendum Campaign, 75% of the British public want a say on us staying in the emerging superstate.
And 73% reckon our contribution of £48million a day to the Brussels coffers is not good value for money.

Britain’s unease with our membership of the European club will be increased by news yesterday that Prime Minister David Cameron is set to cave in and allow the EU to squeeze more money from UK taxpayers.

With domestic services facing cuts outlined in last week’s spending review, Cameron had promised to block the 5.9% increase in the EU’s budget for next year.

But yesterday government sources conceded that the Brussels cash grab would go ahead and the already-bloated £107billion EU budget would swell by £3.15 billion.

That means Brit taxpayers will be asked to shell out an extra £435m a year, on top of the £8.3bn we already pay for membership of the EU.

Brussels’ latest spending spree is another reason why the British voters should have a say on our membership of the European Union, according to the EU Referendum Campaign.

Official spokesman, Jon Gaunt, said that a vote on Britain’s membership of the EU is long overdue and that the Union is a club not worth joining.

The TV and radio personality said: “Most working people join a club for cheap beer or some other benefit. What benefit do we get from the EU?

“For every £2.60 that every man and woman pays into the EU, they get a pound back.

“Who would join a club where you pay £3.80 for a £2.60 pint of beer? There’s not a working person in Britain who’d join a club like that!”

He added: “If people thought that the MPs’ expenses scandal was bad, it’s even worse in Brussels.

“Politicians support Brussels because it is a place they can go to when their pitiful careers at Westminster are over — just look at the Kinnocks!

“It is ordinary readers of the Daily Sport, coppers, plasterers and brickies who will pay for the mess that the bankers and the MPs have got us in to.

“Ordinary working class blokes and women are ultimately paying with their jobs.

“We know that David Cameron has been shocked by the reaction to the poll already. If something like 60% had called for a vote, then those in the Westminster Village could have ignored it.

“But 75% is just an overwhelming figure.

“If we get a million people to sign our petition then the demand for a vote cannot be ignored.

“Let’s have a vote. What are they scared of?”

James Pryor, chief executive of the EU Referendum Campaign said: “This sends a clear message to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, that the British public demand to have a say on our relationship with the EU before any budget increase can be approved.

“The £48m a day we send to the EU could be used to save British jobs, invest in our defence force and give all our young people equal access to higher education.

“We are not only facing a financial deficit — we are facing a democratic deficit.”

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