Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Coventry Telegraph 05-Oct-2010 on The EUReferendum & Jon Gaunt

The Coventry Telegraph 05-Oct-2010 on The EUReferendum & Jon Gaunt

Jon Gaunt leads campaign for vote on Europe

COVENTRY-born radio DJ Jon Gaunt is spearheading a new campaign for a public vote on whether the UK should pull out of the European Union.

The ex-Sun newspaper columnist and TalkSport “shock jock” presenter is fronting a grassroots campaign which accuses the “political elite” of breaking pledges to let people decide.

The outspoken Mr Gaunt is appearing this week in front of the national media to argue that both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as Prime Ministers reneged on pledges for a referendum on a new EU constitution – giving more powers to Brussels.

He is also scathing of Tory PM David Cameron’s u-turn in backing down from a previous pledge to hold a public vote on the Lisbon Treaty, after it was passed by member states.

His campaign is this week lobbying Tories outside their conference in Birmingham. Party leaders – in power for the first time in 13 years – would rather steer clear of the divisive issue.

Gaunt hopes hundreds of thousands of people will sign on the website campaign at

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