Tuesday, 8 February 2011

One of UKIP's Two Remaining MEPs MAKES THE POINT For A Petition On The BBC!

One of UKIP's Two Remaining MEPs  MAKES THE POINT For A Petition On The BBC!
Nikki SINCLAIRE MEP, One of UKIP's Two Remaining MEPs
(together with Mike NATTRASS MEP as the rest have sold out to racism & The EFD),

here is a really good soundbite for leaving the EU:

Bob Brolley on BBC radio Coventry & Warwickshire.

Good for Ms. Sinclaire - time we redeemed our liberty, restored our democracy, reinstated our sovereignty, repatriated our governance and reintroduced justice.

Lets have a Referendum on In or Out of this malevolent, self serving, centralised undemocratic EU rip off that costs British tax payers £48 Million a DAY.

Lets save the money and start to pay off the £4.8 Trillion of debt incurred whilst in The EU - lets pay for ourselves not everyone else.

see: TheMidnightGroup.Blogspot.com

Nikki Sinclaire was in Tunisia yesterday as the only British MEP invited on the EU delegation where she was able to put the British case for democracy can not exist without Sovereignty and the people must be sovereign on an equal basis regardless of gender, ethnicity or creed.

I gather more will be available on this in the next day or two.

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