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15-Feb-2011 - Jon GAUNT Gets Blogging on The EU!

15-Feb-2011 - Jon GAUNT Gets Blogging on The EU!

Britain Held Prisoner by ECHR

By Jon Gaunt , on Yesterday at 14:00

Our new blogger Jon Gaunt on votes in prison.

Hold the front page! Get out your diaries! At long last the self-serving pigs of Westminster are listening to the voters. Only 7 percent of us wanted prisoners to be given the vote and for once the Political elite sided with us the people! So is this, as The Specials sang, the Dawning of a new Era?
Sadly I don’t think so. The vote on prisoners was a no brainer mainly because every politician knew that it would take years for the European Court of Human Rights to actually fine us for not complying with their diktat. So in reality it was a pyrrhic victory at best and at worse just another example of the Political Elite playing to the Gallery or more accurately the Tabloid press pack!
In the end Cameron knows and they know that the UK will once again cough up and bow down to Brussels and Strasbourg.
Unless of course Cameron 'grows a pair' and decides to abandon this chaotic coalition and actually decides to give the British people as a whole, prisoners and all if he likes, the only real vote we need, which is whether of not to stay in the EU.
A few months ago when I joined the EU referendum campaign this seemed like a long-term project. A dream or a fantasy. However with the pig economies of Ireland, Greece, Portugal and perhaps even Spain going down quicker than a girl at the infamous Cynthia Parties, perhaps, just perhaps, the UK may restore its sovereignty sooner than expected.
There’s even talk in the corridors of power of Cameron making this an election manifesto pledge (yes I know they’re worth as much as the Zimbabwe Dollar but it’s a start!). One things for sure there is a new breed of Euro-sceptic within the Tory ranks and the British public in poll after poll are overwhelmingly calling for a referendum, the last one for ConmRes had the figure at 75 percent.
The EU and the ECHR are not directly linked of course but there is no way that Cameron can ever create our own UK bill of rights whilst we are a member of the EU. It is forbidden or should I say Verboten!
Cleary we don’t want to be isolationist or little Englanders and of course we want to trade with the rest of Europe but there is no way we want our economy, our taxation system, banking regulation, immigration control and courts controlled by faceless often unelected and poorly trained judges, M EP’s or European Commissioners.
I don’t know about you but I want to be ruled by British Politicians who we elect and more importantly who we can sack and the sooner Cameron allows us the British people a real say on our sovereignty the better, not only for his career but for this great nation as well.
Find out more about the EU referendum campaign at their website.
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