Monday, 7 February 2011

07-Feb-2011 - WESTMINSTER HOUSE Mag Back Cover this week!

07-Feb-2011 - WESTMINSTER HOUSE Mag Back Cover this week!

This advert is on the back cover on The House magazine which goes to all MP's and Peers.

Well done to Bridget Rowe, I have no idea how she managed to pull it off to get the back cover of that mag but she did (probably better not ask but I don't think phone tapping was involved or a close relationship with an SO1 Officer!)

The advert's placement couldn't more in-your-face.

The (MP's and Peers.....and 1,400 researchers, parliamentary assistants, press lobby and political staff) pigeon holes at the Houses of Parliament would have received a copy on Friday afternoon.

Monday morning when they all turn up for work should prove to be interesting..............

Well done The Team & particularly Bridget ;-)

The last time this was done was with:

22-Jan-2011 ADVERT - New Statesman Page #8 & WESTMINSTER HOUSE Mag Back Cover!

Not Just A Full Page Advert on P8 of that week's New Statesman

Anyone who is able and willing to sponsor an advert like this PLEASE contact Bridget Rowe or James Pryor during office hours on 0207 - 6306 778

If you want to chat about an idea I may be able to help - just give me a phone call almost any evening on 01291 - 62 65 62

We need to strengthen both The Petition for a Referendum and also for The EUReferendum Campaign in the light of the duplicity of the probable Judas Goat (or See search top Right Sidebar!) where on an ego trip it seems that yet again the peoples of these United Kingdoms are likely to be betrayed by a gaggle of self serving politicians.

Clearly in our efforts to redeem our Liberty, restore our Democracy, reinstate our Sovereignty, repatriate our Governance, reinvigorate our Economy, reconstitute our Values and re-establish our fundamental Human Right of Self Determination within these United Kingdoms with men and women of honour returned at Westminster we must NOTE it was Politicians and the burgeoning army of Snivil Cervants and the Kleptocratic QUANGOcracy which betrayed us.

History has shown us time withouit number it is our people who save our Country whilst again and again it is the failures of our politicians that plunge us into trade wars, social wars, civil wars and military expansionist wars - rarely have our politicians or scivil cervants served us well and now it seems that emerging from our political class is the Judas Goat seeking personal gain and seeking to emasculate the people thus ensuring a prolongued vassal status within the malevolent and vile EUropean Union.

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