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16-Feb-2011 - Jon GAUNT - TAXI GLOBE - EU Referendum Pledge.

16-Feb-2011 - Jon GAUNT - TAXI GLOBE - EU Referendum Pledge.

In a recent interview with Taxi Globe, Jon Gaunt
told our reporter why he has become Official
Spokesman for the EU Referendum Campaign. Now
he has written the following article.

One of the greatest pleasures of using a black cab
is the way I always get straight into a discussion or
even argument with the Cabbie about the state of the UK. In fact when I was
presenting my show on BBC London and Talksport, my taxi journeys often
just felt like extensions of my phone in programmes.

I’ll also admit that I
found the London Cabbie not only a good litmus test of my ideas but also
a ready supplier of subjects that I could, and should, discuss on my radio
shows. It’s always been clear to me that Cabbies are much more in touch
with the thoughts and experiences of real people than the politicians of all
parties will ever be.

That’s why I am writing this article as I need Cabbies views on the
one subject that illustrates more than any other just how out of touch our
politicians are with the people. That subject of course is whether we should
stay in the EU or not!

A recent ComRes Poll for the EU Referendum Campaign showed that 75
percent of the British public want a referendum on the EU but still our out
of touch political masters, of all parties, refuse to give us a straightforward
in or out vote.

Blair, Brown and Cameron are the political equivalent of the three
monkeys who can see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil when it comes
to the EU. But the British people are not deaf, dumb or blind. They can see
what is happening as the Euro crashes and burns. They don’t want to suffer
from the most draconian cuts in history whilst we bail out pig economies
like Ireland. They don’t want to lose their jobs and homes whilst foreign
aid is not only ringed fenced but increased. And they don’t want students
rioting and cuts in welfare of 7 Billion pounds whilst we promise exactly
the same amount of our cash to Ireland.

You have to ask the question just what is the real agenda of the political
elite? Why won’t they give the people of the UK the right to vote on whether
we stay in the EU or not?
Just what are they afraid of?


These are the reasons why I, and tens of thousands like me, have joined the
EU Referendum Campaign and why I became the official spokesman.
At this point let me stress the EU Referendum Campaign is not about
persuading people to vote one way or the other, and indeed if it was I
wouldn’t be involved. As you know if you use to listen to me I do not
believe it is the job of a columnist or a big mouth on the radio to tell people
how to vote. But it is my right and our campaign’s right to clearly demand a
referendum, a simple “in or out” vote on our continued membership of this
super state. As the Clash (almost) used to sing, “Should we stay or should
we go?”

In just four months we have built up the largest database of supporters of
any Euro sceptic group and rather than play to the Westminster village and
their cronies we are taking the battle to and with the people. We have been
joined by loads of grassroots groups who are fed up with the EU interfering
with their lifestyles and business whether they are bikers, alternative health
practitioners or Hedge Fund managers. And dare I say it even Cabbies who
must be sick to death with EU red tape strangling your trade and indeed the
crippling costs of the new Air Quality Strategy, which will write off any cab
over fifteen years old.

We are not affiliated to any political party and we reject the outdated idea
of left and right. However we have written to every single MP to find out if
they would support a referendum and we intend to name and shame them
if they don’t.

The professional politicians have failed the British public and it is time
for the people to seize the initiative and demand a referendum on our great
country’s future.

The answer will not and can’t come from the political elite in Westminster
or Brussels but from the people. That’s where we need you the London
Cabbies help. We need you to get the message out there that The EU affects
each and every one of us and whether your passenger is a supporter of the
EU or not they should demand the right to have a vote on our continued
membership of this organisation.

So if you agree with me please sign our pledge on the coupon on
this page and demand a vote on our country’s future or sign online at

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