Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Press Conference in London

Press Conference in London

In London today with the completed petition forms

Cameron has disengaged with Tory voters on Europe.
A YouGov poll shows that the Prime Minister is at odds with the majority of Tory voters.

In a poll commissioned by Independent MEP, Nikki Sinclaire for her Campaign for a Referendum, 74% of Tory voters want a referendum with 66% saying they would vote to leave the EU altogether.

Ms Sinclaire said "Mr Cameron should listen to the country at large pay particular attention to the people that put him there - it is time to let the people decide"

Nikki Sinclaire also announced that her campaign had collected in excess of 100,000 signatures with 70,000 on paper. She criticised the coalition for breaking it's promise in it's 'programme for government' which stated that any petition that collected  100,000 'signatures' will eligble for a formal debate in Parliament.

Ms Sinclaire criticises the government for disenfranchising 9.2 million people who according to the Office of National Statistics report have never used the Intern - the government is only accepting e-petitions.
Ms Sinclaire said "this is wrong and undermines the basic principle that in a democracy we are all equal - I call upon the Prime Minister and his government to allow this petition and to hold a debate in parliament and then a debate in the country followed by a binding referendum on our membership of the EU. "
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