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02-Jun-2011 Good Letter re The Petition in The Staffordshire Newsletter

02-Jun-2011 Good Letter re The Petition in The Staffordshire Newsletter

Campaign for Euro referendum

Nikki Sinclaire MEP, Independent MEP for the West Midlands COULD I alert your readers to the campaign for a referendum on our membership of the European Union ( Britain is currently half in the EU and half out, and whatever your viewpoint, that is no good for ourselves or the rest of Europe.

Some people think Britain should come out altogether and go back to making our own laws and trading with whosoever we wish - being out of Europe doesn’t mean we couldn’t trade with them.

Other people think Britain should go further, transferring government from Westminster to Brussels and abandoning the pound in favour of the Euro.

Either way, those of us in favour of a referendum think it is something the people should be allowed to decide.
It is, after all, a far more important subject than “alternative voting” that was put to the public earlier this month.

The three main political parties think we can’t be trusted with such a decision, and that’s patronising, insulting and just plain wrong.

Nevertheless, the coalition government has said that any petition that secures more than 100,000 signatures will be eligible for a formal debate in parliament, and the campaign is already half way towards that target.

As an Independent MEP for the West Midlands, I believe we should be out of Europe completely, and we know there are plenty of people who vote for the main parties who agree on that point - it’s a shame their parties don’t! Key political figures, such as Kate Hoey (Labour) and Philip Davies (Conservative), have “broken ranks” and support the campaign for a referendum, though.

The English people are trusting, tolerant and generous, but history has shown that when we are pushed too far, we fight back, and when we fight back, we win! I would urge anyone for or against the EU who thinks we should be allowed a say on our membership to sign the petition.

You can contact the campaign office on 0800 157 7916 or at

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