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Nikki Sinclaire MEP


This weekend an advert about my campaign for referendum will appear in the Daily Mail complete with form for signatures #politics #media 18 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite
Now we're moving onto Swanage where I am speaking tonight 22 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite
had a great morning in Winchester campaigning and collecting signatures for my EU referendum campaign #wrongreferendum 22 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite
Next stage of the EU Referendum campaign is launching this weekend, stay tuned for updates... #media #politics #eu #uk 2 days ago · reply · retweet · favorite
The Petition Bus is met with praise at every stop it makes around the country, and the team working Patriotically with it to gain signatures are greeted everywhere they go.

Yesterday evening THE PETITION leader Nikki Sinclaire was welcomed as the guest speaker at a meeting organised by Mike Hobson The Chairman of UKIP Swanage.

The host speaker was UKIP MEP Trevor Colman who recently has had the integrity to leave the vile racist EFD Group in The EU which Nigel Farage uses for his platform in the EU and for income CLICK HERE

The FACT that Trevor Colman MEP & Mike Nattrass MEP have followed Nikki Sinclaire MEP in rejecting membership of the extremist pro EU EFD Group has raised their credibility and the respect of the public quite dramatically despite the endless efforts of the discredited rump of UKIP parasites supporting extremism and The EU policy of destroying National political parties to subsume them into the EU melting pot using bribery to achieve their aim to prostitute all National politics to The EU's malign over arching grand controlling plan!

For the night before a bank holiday I gather 40 to 50 people attended to listen to Nikki Sinclaire on the need for a Petition and the benefits of a free and fair Referendum and Trevor Colman on why no Patriot should consider support for The EU scam of Pan EU Political Parties which are designed to subsume the values and ideals of National Politics to the  thrall of the central dictator committee and crowing control and incompetence of the discreditted and outdated EU.

That there were a number of noticeable Conservatives and non UKIP members in the audience was a credit to the organisation of Mike Hobson.

Both speakers met with notable aplause.

Let us all hope that the adverts in The Daily Mail meet with the support they deserve as funding such a campaign is costly - Good luck to the hard working team with Nikki Sinclaire.

For More Facts and arguments pro and contra The EU aim to subsume National Politics into the maw of Pan EU Political Parties (PEPPs) CLICK HERE

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