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Monday, April 27 2009

Ahead of the European elections on 4th June, David Cameron has launched a campaign to get Gordon Brown to honour his pledge to give the British people a referendum on the EU Treaty.

In their 2005 election manifesto, Labour promised to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution

David stressed the Lisbon Treaty was a “re-branded” version of that Constitution and attacked Gordon Brown for having “flip-flopped”:

“First he was against the Constitution, then he was for it; one day he promised a referendum, the next he backtracked. While he has chopped and changed, our position has remained exactly the same. We are the only major party to have consistently said that it is up to the British people to decide on our future in Europe.”

David promised that if the Constitution was not in force at the time of the General Election, a Conservative Government would hold a referendum on it, urge a no vote, and reverse Britain’s ratification if successful.

He explained, “I believe that if you make a promise in your manifesto, and the country votes on that manifesto, then you are honour-bound to keep that promise.”

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CLEARLY The Tory Party and the gonadically challenged wee  Boy King do not believe in the New Constitution aka Lisbon Treaty even pronouncing it as a sham.

They did virtually nothing in opposition to oppose this treacherous betrayal of the people of Britain and now shelter behind the weasel words of 'if the Constitution was not in force at the time of the General Election' .

In the parliamentary debate David Cameron lacked both the courage and the integrity to speak out and tell the truth - they assisted Gordon Brown in his betrayal of these United Kingdoms and the dishonest surrender to this squalid new CONSTITUTION which we now find within a year is being changed to prop up the failed EUro economy and the lies that were told to create it.

David Cameron and The Tories pretend to lead this Country and be the Government but they are the play pen Government of Westminster which is too guttless to do what they told everyone was against the democratic rights and interests of Britain TO GET INTO POWER.

The British Government has so little authority at Westminster that they haven't even got the courage or integrity to do what they said was right for Britain.

David Cameron if you lack the courage to do the honest and democratic things you PROMISED based on what was best for Britain and what you told people to get elected - You misled The Tory Party to get elected as leader - you misled the people to get elected to Government.

David Cameron grow up be a man and run along with your new best friend the duplicitous anti British creep Nick Clegg and get yourself both jobs in The EU - smarmy Nick Clegg the liar of student fees leader of next best to nothing - the Lib.Dims!!! can have Baroness Ashton's unelected job, Boy Dave can replace the near unknown British Commissioner & I'm sure you can find more than the required number of Damp Rags amongst the cabinet to fill the other roles whether duplicitous multi millionaire parasites completely out of touch with the people like you or not!

The British people were PROMISED a Referendum

The Conservative Party
The Lib.Dim Party
The Labour Party

HAVE without exception betrayed the peoples of BRITAIN

Give us OUR Referendum.


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