Thursday, 4 November 2010

*** QUESTION TIME 04-Nov-2010 - Jon GAUNT will Front For The REFERENDUM CAMPAIGN

*** QUESTION TIME 04-Nov-2010 - Jon GAUNT will Front For The REFERENDUM CAMPAIGN


besides producing several excellent videos promoting The EU Referendum Campaign which can be located via The Right Sidebar Jon Gaunt has been fronting the Campaign on a number of media opportunities.
Jon Gaunt is once again fronting for

The EU Referendum Campaign on Question Time in SHEFFIELD this evening.

TO VIEW: This programme on the BBC IPod (for as long as they provide it! do CLICK HERE


Spineless David Cameron may as well hoist the white flag over Downing Street.
In the last week he has surrendered over the EU budget rise and handed over at least another £450 million to Brussels despite the fact that 75 percent of Brits wanted a referendum.
He then has the temerity to brag that his actions were a tremendous success. This ludicrous boast is on a par with Saddam’s PR man, Comical Ali, who declared on live TV that Baghdad would not fall as American tanks were rolling down the streets behind him.
Not content with cutting15 thousand jobs in the armed services he now enters into deal with the French that paves the way for a Euro army.
Then he caves into The European court of human rights and says that there is nothing he can do about giving muggers, rapists and paedophiles the vote.
Of course there is something he could do.
He could listen to the British public, which in a ComRes poll last week stated by a massive 75 percent that they wanted a referendum on our continued membership of the EU.
By giving us that referendum we could leave this club but of course this wont happen because Cameron has now shown his true colours which by the way are not white but blue with gold stars.
Yesterday in Parliament in a direct response to a direct question from Labour MP Kate Hoey who asked “is there any chance of a referendum in the next five years on whether we stay in or go out?”
Comical Dave replied, “ I do not believe in an in-out referendum for many reasons. I think we are better off in the European Union.”
And only a few days ago he described him self as a Eurosceptic!
I could describe him as many things the most polite of which is a lying, conniving double dealing conman who has surrendered our great nations independence to an organisation that the majority of people do not want to be a part of and which three quarters of the population are at least demanding a straight forward in or out vote.
Come on Dave give us a vote, what are you scared of?
Sign The Pledge, demanding an EU referendum now!
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