Saturday, 8 January 2011

08-Jan-2011 - The EXPRESS Comes Up Trumps!


as promised - here is The EXPRESS 20 page coverage of why Britain MUST Leave The EU - to view all 20 pages on line CLICK HERE

It does not open first time, some of the time - persevere it is worth it!

May I suggest you download the entire .pdf onto your own computer just in case it becomes hard to obtain on line.


Our Thanks for this Patriotic effort on the part of The Express - I just bought 20 copies and gave them to friends!

How about rewarding The Express for making the effort - just print out the pic below.

You can copy it onto your computer and set up a number of them on an A4 sheet to print out and get all your friends to sign:
Thanks - all the more the merrier.

Don't forget to sign:
The Petition
The Pledge

whilst you are on this site - links are easily accessed from the right sidebar.


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